The officially extensive insides of the eatery is made to look bigger by the utilization of smooth fiber seats. The utilization of red and green transforms the place into a convivial scene. The insides are very much associated with the outside with dividers made of glass.

White and red mix of the table draws out a quiet and calming vibe when combined with warm, not really brilliant lighting. Dark casings on rich dividers pulls in the guests.

The eatery is a motivation for the individuals who need to give the clients the delight of network eating. The tables organized in a nearby manner gives a feeling of closeness. To add to such satisfaction is the utilization of divine lighting over the tables. The foundation is done in yet another offbeat path by enhancing the divider with thick green foliage. Rest of the dividers and the roof with unclad, neutral stones gives a vintage look.

Date: April 10, 2018
Client: Satish
Category: Commercial

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